Monday, 11 April 2011

Danielle Lunn

This is Danielle's design for a large floor cushion that she is working on. Danielle used photoshop and her own drawings to create this piece. It will be digitally printed onto cotton satin and embellished with additional beadwork and embroidery 


My name is Charlotte Hindley and I’m a second year student at the University of Bolton studying textiles/ surface design.
I’m my first year of university I LOVED screen and digital print. I Love to draw patterns and then add colour using also computer aided design CAD) rather than painting.
As a second year student now I seem to be working more in hand embroidery and also (CAD) again. Using Photoshop, and at the moment illustrator, so I don’t have a specific subject area I like best, I seem to enjoy this group of them equally and enjoy combining them too, as this makes my work more interesting and experimental.  The use of different media’s and weights of fabric also help with experimenting. This also makes my work more unique and contemporary.
This is an example of my black and white pattern drawing work:   


  These are shamim's most recent pieces of work the top piece is felt and rayon ribbons and cord and organza fabric rouched to create pattern. The piece below is created by using rayon ribbon on an organza fabric re creating the travelling theme

Sunday, 10 April 2011

The images below are the products we made for the craft sale. We made £170 which will go towards an exhibition of our work.