Monday, 21 March 2011

Rachel Tomkow

I have been looking at military style buttons and have been drawing and painting detailed pieces of work from them.  I enjoy working in bright colours and liked the idea of combining the military theme and brightening it up.  
I also enjoy felting and needle bonding and would like to continue with this.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Amy Tomlinson

I am a young designer who likes to explore different techniques within embroidery and computer aided design.I enjoy drawing illustrations and tuning them into embroidered piece's. I like to use detailed hand stitch and machine embroidery to create different line qualities. This helps me to create new and unique pieces. 

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Emma McVan

I like exploring a range of textile techniques including embroidery, surface design and digital print. At the moment my focus is on combining traditional techniques like patchworking with contemporary style. I dyed these second hand fabrics to match the current colour palette so I got exactly the colours I wanted whilst also considering sustainability. I drew and collaged different floral forms and then translated them into stitch whilst considering the patterned background that a patchwork provides.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Danielle Lunn

I am a student designer in my second year of university. I enjoy drawing, painting and creating patterns i then turn these into digitally printed fabric. When working with my digital printed fabrics i like to add hand embroidery to my pieces. And experiment by adding sequins and beads to give my work a more decorative and personal look.

Shamim Janvaria

My name is Shamim Janvaria and here is a little insight in to what makes me tick!!!
The work I usually create is very contemporary, especially when it comes to surface pattern. Inspired by graphic illustrations, my drawings are very free and illustrative, line drawings usually working in tonal colour with hints of colour washes.
However when it comes to contemporary textiles, my work is derived from many things especially whatever inspires me at that precise moment. At this very moment in time my work is inspired by the essence of nostalgia, from vintage lace, clothing, to travel.  I use various hand and machine embroidery in combination with screen printing processes which is applied to different weights of fabric. I enjoy manipulating and constructing out delicate and heavy weight fabric, which makes the outcome much more interesting. Looking a current designers and trends my work is adapted to suit the current fashion market of today.